National Catalogue of NWS Products

Report - listing of Operational Products in database, sorted by Originator's name.
Product Name Originator
Precipitation Potential IndexAlan Rezek
WR Climate Web PageAndrea Bair
Ice Accumulation GridsAndrew Horvitz
Enhancement to the National Snow Analysis: NOHRC Snow Model and Forecast Products ExpansionAndrew Rost
Western Region Headquarter Web Site/PageAndy Edman or Chelsea Leader
Fire Weather Watch/Warning DisplayAndy Edman or Chelsea Leader
IFPS Digital Forecast PageAndy Edman/ Don Britton/Carl Gorski
NDFD Full Resolution Andy Horvitz
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Map ViewerAndy Horvitz
New Forecast at a Glance Point and Click IconsAndy Horvitz
Mountain Recreational Point ForecastsAndy Nash
PHX Drought Data PageAnton Haffer
Non Technical Format of the Winter Low Tracks GraphicArt Thomas
Storm Prediction Center Day 3-8 Fire Weather Outlook GuidanceArt Thomas
National Air Quality Forecast System (AQFS) Smoke Forecast Graphic DisplayArt Thomas
Mixed Case Letters in WFO Text Products Art Thomas
RIDGE Radar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements (National)Arthur Thomas
Regional/Local Seasonal ForecastBart Hagemeyer
Gridded Graphical Hazardous Weather OutlookBart Hagemeyer
Water Resource Outlook Multi-Media BriefingBen Weiger
Graphical Airman 's Meteorological Advisory (G-AIRMET)Beth McNulty
Alaska Low Level Significant Weather Graphic (SWL)Bill Alexander
Alaska Graphic Area ForecastBill Alexander
Graphical Severe Weather WarningsBill Bunting
Marine Forecast MatrixBill Ward
NDFD Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) for HawaiiBill Ward
International Tsunami Products for the Pacific BasinBill Ward
ABRFC Recreational Forecast GraphicsBilly Olsen
NWS web services via wireless technologiesBob Bunge
Addition of Waterspout coding to the Special Marine Warning and Marine Weather Statement for all CONUS Coastal WFOS., WFO Honolulu and GuamBrian Hirsch
National Snowfall AnalysisBrian Walawender
Red Flag Potential IndexCarl Gorski
Probability of Meeting or Exceeding Specific Temperature ThresholdsCarl Gorski
Probability of Freezing TemperaturesCarl Gorski
Dry Lightning Potential IndexCarl Gorski
Hours of Sunshine and Percent of Possible Sunshine ProductsCarl Gorski
Blowing Dust Potential ProductCarl Gorski
WR Water Supply PageCarl Gorski
Gridded Weather Input for Fire Area Simulation Model (FARSITE)Carl Gorski
Fire Weather Threat 4-Panel GraphicCarl Gorski
WFO Eureka Humboldt Bay Bar Graphical ForecastCarl Gorski
Sierra Backcountry ForecastCarl Gorski
GIS Compatible NDFD Data on the WFO Internet PageCarl Gorski
Western Region Fire Weather/Marine Point Forecast Matrix (PFM)Carl Gorski
7- Day Evapotranspiration ForecastCarl Gorski
Western Region Graphical Weather Story of the DayCarl Gorski
WFO WRF_NMMCarl Gorski
Aviation Area Forecast (FA)Carl Weiss
Instant Messaging for NWS and Partners :NWSChatCarlos Diaz
Alaska Region NDFD Grids 6kmCarven Scott
Graphical Aviation Time SeriesCharles M. Callahan
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Graphic Forecast DisplaysChris Alex
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Gridded DataChris Alex
Air Quality Index (AQI)Chris Gibson
Sacramento WRF NMM Model OutputChris Hintz, Holly Osborne
Fire Weather Planning Forecast (FWF) Text FormatClaudia Bell
Redesign NWS Web Services Via Wireless TechnologiesCorey Pieper
Ensemble Trace plotDan Luna and John Halquist
Low Flow Probabilistic forecastDan Luna and John Halquist
Expected Value plotDan Luna and John Halquist
Forecast of Reference Crop Evapotranspiration (FRET) for Short Canopy VegetationDan Matusiewicz
Weekend Weather GraphicDaniel McCarthy
Regional Flash Flood Guidance GraphicsDave Reed
Space Weather Forecast DiscussionDavid Marshall
3 Day Space Weather ForecastDavid Marshall
HPC Probabilistic Winter Precipitation GuidanceDavid Novak
WPC Days 6-7 QPFDavid Novak
Probabilistic Winter Precipitation Forecasts (PWPF) Percentiles of Snow and Ice AccumulationsDavid Novak
Marine Weather MessageDavid Soroka
Multi-Format Marine Forecast Information Web Page for Coastal WFOsDavid Soroka
Bulleted Coastal/Lakeshore Hazard Message (CFW) and Marine Weather Message (MWW)David Soroka
Flash Flood Potential RatingDavid Toronto
Graphical Forecasts for AviationDebra Blondin
NHC Audio Briefings (Podcasts) Dennis Feltgen
Convective SIGMETDorothy Haldeman
Airman's Meteorological Advisories (AIRMET)Dorothy Haldeman
Center Weather Advisory (CWA)Dorothy Haldeman
Meteorological Impact Statement (MIS)Dorothy Haldeman
Route ForecastDorothy Haldeman
Significant Meteorological Information (SIGMET)Dorothy Haldeman
Space Weather for Aviation Service ProvidersDorothy Haldeman
Lightning Potential IndexDouglas Crowley
Weather Activity PlannerDouglas Young
Flash Flood Potential IndexEd Clark
Observed Precipitation MapEdwin Danaher
HPC Today's National Weather Chart in SpanishEdwin Danaher
HPC Probabilistic Freezing Temperature ChartsEdwin Danaher
HPC Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation ForecastsEdwin Danaher
HPC 6hr Interval Quantitative Precip Forecast for days 4 and 5Edwin Danaher
Collaborative Convective Forecast ProductFred Johnson
Precipitation Frequency Data ServerGeoffrey Bonnin
Impact Based WarningsGregory Schoor
Enhanced Product Fire Weather Planning Forecast (FWF) Bullet Format Heath Hockenberry
Wind Speed Probabilities-based Tropical Cyclone Danger GraphicHugh Cobb
NHC/TAFB Web Based Graphicast Hugh D. Cobb
NHC/TAFB Satellite Rainfall QPE and QPF Webpage Hugh D. Cobb
Eastern Region National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Graphic Forecast DisplaysI Ross Dickman
Rip Current Probability GraphicalI.Ross Dickman
Current Icing Product (CIP) SeverityJ. A. May
Forecast Icing Potential (FIP)Jack May
Water Resources Streamflow OutlookJames Noel
Collaborative Surf ProductJames Weyman
Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis Surface Pressure, Surface Pressure Uncertainty, and Model Terrain Height Jamie Vavra
Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA)Jamie Vavra
National Air Quality forecast System (AQFS) Ozone (03) forecastJannie Ferrell
UltraViolet Radiation Grids in the NDGDJannie Ferrell
Approach and Departure Gate Forecasts for Convection (TRACON)Jason Baker
WFO Display of Ceiling Forecast GraphicJason Franklin
National Convective Weather ForecastJerry Shih
Tropical Cyclone Track and Watch/Warning GraphicsJessica Schauer
Hurricane/Typhoon Local Statement (HLS)Jessica Schauer
Changes to the criteria for issuing tropical cyclone watches and warnings to include certain land-threatening disturbances that are not yet tropical cyclones Jessica Schauer
Changes to the Hurricane/Typhoon Local Statement at WFO HNL for 2017Jessica Schauer
Hurricane Local Watch/Warning Product (TCV) at WFO HonoluluJessica Schauer
Storm Surge Watches and WarningsJessica Schauer
Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge Exceedance productsJohn F. Kuhn
Tropical Cyclone Public Advisories (TCP)John F. Kuhn
Tropical Weather Outlook (TWO)John F. Kuhn
Graphical Tropical Weather OutlookJohn F. Kuhn
Tropical Cyclone Wind Field GraphicJohn F. Kuhn
Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Speed Probabilities (TCSWSP) for the North Pacific Ocean in the NDFDJohn F. Kuhn
Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge and Tide Above DatumJohn F. Kuhn
Probabilistic Hurricane Inundation Surge HeightJohn F. Kuhn
Changes to the Hurricane Local StatementJohn F. Kuhn
5-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook John F. Kuhn
Tropical Cyclone Threat Grids in the NDFDJohn F. Kuhn
Potential Storm Surge Flooding MapJohn F. Kuhn
Storm Surge Watch Warning GraphicJohn F. Kuhn
GovDelivery Southeast River Forecast Center (SERFC) Subscription ServiceJohn Feldt
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Convective Outlook Hazard Probability ElementsJohn Ferree
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Day 4 to 8 Convective Outlook ElementsJohn Ferree
Enhanced Product National Implementation of the use of 1 inch Diameter Hail CriteriaJohn Ferree
SPC Day 1-3 Categorical Convective Outlooks John Ferree
SPC Dry Thunderstorm Fire Weather Outlook for Days 4 through 8 John Ferree
SPC Day 4-8 Severe Weather Outlooks John Ferree
Storm Based (Polygon) Special Weather Statements ERJohn Koch
Area Fire Weather Forecast Matrix (AFW) for WFO GSPJohn Koch
Changes to the Tropical Cyclone Public Advisory for 2015John Kuhn
Mountain Pass ForecastJohn Lovegrove
Digital Wind and Wave Forecasts on Inland Lakes and ReservoirsJohn S. Eise
National Digital Forecast Database Extensible Markup LanguageJohn Schattel
Tactical Decision AidJohn Werth
Weeks 3-4 Temperature OutlookJon Gottschalck
Real Time US Total Electron Content Vertical and SlantJoseph Kunches
Lightning Strike Density ProductJoseph Sienkiewicz
Standardized WFO, Regional, and National Climate Web PagesJudith Koepsell
Multimedia Weather BriefingJudson Ladd
NOAA Weather Radio PodcastsJudson Ladd
Crosswind Calculator AidJudson Ladd
HotSeat Warning SimulatorJudson Ladd
Tactical Convective Hazard Product (TCHP)Judson Ladd
Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation ForecastsJudson Ladd
Audio Weather BriefingJudson Ladd
Hourly Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate Web-Based ServiceJudson Ladd
NWS Warnings Using Geographic Information SystemsKen Waters
Enhanced Winter Weather Guidance Product SuiteKevin McCarthy
Hazard Grids in the National Digital Forecast DatabaseKevin Scharfenberg
Fire Weather OutlookElements in National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD)Kevin Scharfenberg
Aviation Surface Forecast and Aviation Clouds Forecast GraphicsKevin Stone
Central Region Multimedia Weather BriefingKim Runk
Enhanced Product addition of Max Wind-Hail Size Coding Tag for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and associated follow up staKim Runk
Take Off Forecast ProductKristine Nelson
Fire Weather Point Forecast MatrixLarry Gabric
National Fire Weather Web PageLarry Van Bussum
Hydrologic Short-Term Meteorological Model-based Ensemble Forecasting System (MMEFS)Laurie Hogan
Web-Enabled International Flight Folder Documentation Program (WebIFFDP)M. Pat Murphy
Aviation Winter Weather DashboardM. Pat Murphy
Graphical Short Term Forecast Product GraphiCastMac Mclaughlin
Graphical Turbulence GuidanceMarc J. Singer
One-Month Climate Outlook (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska).Marina Timofeyeva
One-Month Outlook Discussion (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska).Marina Timofeyeva
Three-Month Climate Outlooks (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska).Marina Timofeyeva
Three-Month Outlooks Discussion (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska).Marina Timofeyeva
Three-month Probability of Exceedence OutlooksMarina Timofeyeva
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-Day Mean North American 500 millibar OutlookMarina Timofeyeva
Atlantic Hurricane OutlookMarina Timofeyeva
CLIMAT MessagesMarina Timofeyeva
El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic DiscussionMarina Timofeyeva
Climate Diagnostics BulletinMarina Timofeyeva
Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season OutlookMarina Timofeyeva
Hawaiian One-Month and Three-Month Outlooks and Discussion.Marina Timofeyeva
3- to 14-day Hazards AssessmentMarina Timofeyeva
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-day Maximum Heat Index PredictionMarina Timofeyeva
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-Day Outlooks (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska)Marina Timofeyeva
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-Day Outlook Discussion (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska).Marina Timofeyeva
Probability of Exceedence Outlook for Center Probability Distribution (50 percent)Marina Timofeyeva
Tropical Pacific Mean Sea-Surface Temperature (SST) OutlookMarina Timofeyeva
U.S. Drought Outlook DiscussionMarina Timofeyeva
3- to 14-day Hazards Assessment DiscussionMarina Timofeyeva
U.S. Drought OutlookMarina Timofeyeva
National Drought SummaryMarina Timofeyeva
Crop Moisture Index.Marina Timofeyeva
U. S. Drought MonitorMarina Timofeyeva
Weekly Weather and Crop BulletinMarina Timofeyeva
Palmer Drought Severity Index.Marina Timofeyeva
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-day Excessive Heat Outlooks (Contiguous U.S)Marina Timofeyeva
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-day Minimum Wind Chill Prediction (Contiguous U.S and Alaska)Marina Timofeyeva
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Climate Outlook Probability ElementsMarina Timofeyeva
Global Tropics Hazards/ Benefits AssessmentMarina Timofeyeva
Aviation Digital Data ServiceMark Andrews
Sea State AnalysisMark Tew
Surface Temperature Analysis and AnomalyMark Tew
Open Lakes ForecastMark Tew
Offshore Waters ForecastMark Tew
NephanalysisMark Tew
Tropical Surface AnalysisMark Tew
Special Marine WarningMark Tew
Surf Zone ForecastMark Tew
Tropical Streamline Surface AnalysisMark Tew
Great Lakes Ice OutlookMark Tew
Great Lakes Break-up Outlook ProductMark Tew
High Surf AdvisoryMark Tew
High Seas ForecastMark Tew
Cook Inlet Sea Ice AnalysisMark Tew
Sea Ice AnalysisMark Tew
Atlantic and Pacific High Wind and Associated SeasMark Tew
Sea Ice AdvisoryMark Tew
Five Day Sea Ice ForecastMark Tew
Alaskan Sea Surface Temperature AnalysisMark Tew
Coastal Waters Forecast ProductMark Tew
Coded Marine ForecastMark Tew
Nearshore Forecast (NSH)Mark Tew
Surface AnalysisMark Tew
NAVTEX ForecastMark Tew
Marine Weather Discussion (MWD)Mark Tew
TAFB Marine Weather Discussion (MIM)Mark Tew
Coastal/Lakeshore Flood Statement/Watch/WarningMark Tew
Marine Weather Statement (MWS)Mark Tew
Gridded Day 2 and Day 3 Excessive Precipitation ForecastMary Mullusky
Grassland Fire Danger Index for the Kansas PlainsMary-Beth Schreck
World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Global Grids Visualization Matt Strahan
World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Significant Weather High Level ChartsMichael Graf
Winds and Temperatures Aloft ForecastMichael Graf
Tropical Cyclone Advisory MessageMichael Graf
Volcanic Ash AdvisoryMichael Graf
Extended Convective Forecast Product (ECFP)Michael Pat Murphy
National Ceiling and Visibility (NCV) Analysis ProductMichael Pat Murphy
NWS Pendleton Decision Support Web PageMichael Vescio
NCEP Central Operations Model Analyses and Guidance Web Site Michelle Mainelli
AWC PIREP Online Submission FormMike Bettwy
Aviation Weather Center Impacts Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) BoardMike Bettwy
NWS Watches, Warnings, and Advisories using ATOM and CAP XML based FormatsMike Gerber
Aviation Weather Warning (AWW)Mike Graf
Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)Mike Graf
Graphical - Weather Story of the DayMike Looney
Minneapolis TRACON Collaborative Convective Forecast ProductMike Looney
Modeled Soil Saturation IndexMike Tunnicliff
Graphical Hazardous Weather OutlookMike Vescio
Graphical Milepost ForecastMike Vescio
Bulleted Winter Storm (WSW),Non-Precipitation (NPW), and FireWeather(RFW) StatementsPaul Stokols
Spanish Tsunami MesssagesPaul Whitmore
SR CWSU Web-based TRACON Briefings Paul Witsaman
Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) ToolRebecca Waddington
NWS Current Observations Using RSS and XML Based FormatsRobert Bunge
National Digital Forecast Database User Defined GRIB2 filesRobert Bunge
Enhancement to National Spot Webpage: HYSPLIT Trajectories Request Function Robyn Heffeman
National Spot Forecast Webpage Robyn Heffeman
Maximum/Minimum Relative Humidity NDFD Grid Robyn Heffernan
California Fire Weather Web Page and Emergency Communications Center Dispatch Area (ECCDA) Forecast SummariesRoger Lamoni
Western Region Standardized Fire Weather Web PagesRoger Lamoni
Aviation Digital Data Service Flight Path ToolRonald Olson
Graphical Forecast TableRoss Dickmam
Graphical Local Hazardous Weather OutlookRoss Dickman
SPC Enhanced Resolution Thunderstorm OutlookRuss Schneider
Day 4-8 Severe Weather Outlook GuidanceRussell Schneider
Operational Day 5 Tropical Cyclone ForecastScott Kiser
Satellite Interpretation MessageScott Kiser
Post Tropical Cyclone Report (PSH)Scott Kiser
Tropical Weather Discussion (TWD)Scott Kiser
Aviation Tropical Cyclone Advisory (TCA)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Report (TCR)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Forecast Advisories (TCM)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Position Estimate (TCE)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Summary-Fixes (TCS)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Update (TCU)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Danger AreaScott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Discussion (TCD)Scott Kiser
Maximum Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probability TableScott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Cumulative Wind Distribution (CWD) GraphicScott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Speed Probabilities - GraphicalScott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Speed Probabilities - TextScott Kiser
Extreme Wind Warning (EWW)Scott Kiser
Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Speed Probabilities in NDFDScott Kiser
International Arrival and Departure GATE ForecastsScott Reynolds
NOAA NWS RFC Soil Moisture Model OutputSteve Buan
Tabular Product Evolution in eXtensible Markup Language ProductsSteve Olson / Art Thomas
Tabular Product Evolution in eXtensible Markup Language - Derived Selected Cities Summary ProductsSteve Olson/Art Thomas
D Region Absorption Prediction, Release 2Steven Hill
Space Weather Prediction WebsiteSteven Hill
Cold Advisory for Newborn Livestock (CANL) GraphicTanja Fransen
Tropical Weather Summary (TWS)Timothy Schott
Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge ProbabilitiesTimothy Schott
National Snow AnalysisTom Carroll
Tucson, AZ WFO Precipitation Monitoring PageTom Evans or John Glueck
Graphical Convective Outlook for the Alaska FIRTony Hall
Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Product ( N-TCV)Wayne Presnell
Hurricane Local Watch/Warning Product (TCV)Wayne Presnell
Beach Hazards StatementWayne Presnell
Changes to Tropical Cyclone Forecast Graphics and GIS FilesWayne Presnell
Changes to the National Tropical Cyclone Watch and warning (TCV) products for the Atlantic Basin for 2017Wayne Presnell
Changes to the Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook 2017Wayne Presnell
Gridded Significant Wave Heights from the National CentersWayne Weeks
Local NWS Facebook Pages Wendy Levine
NWS Use of Twitter as an Environmental Information ServiceWendy Levine

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