Report - listing of all EXPERIMENTAL Products sorted by Service Area.

Product Name Service Area
Experimental Graphical Weather Review Webpage  
Snow Squall Warning  
Experimental NOAA/NWS Runoff Risk Analysis Data  
Dust Storm Warning/ Dust Advisory  
Proposed changes to the Operational Collaborative Convective Forecast Product (CCFP):Traffic Flow Management Convective Forecast (TCF) Aviation Weather  
Experimental Collaborative Aviation Weather Statement (CAWS) Aviation Weather  
Experimental Wind Compression Decision Support Graphic Aviation Weather  
Experimental GATE Forecast Aviation Weather  
Experimental Weeks 3-4 Precipitation Outlook Climate  
Experimental SPC Probabilistic Day 3-8 Fire Weather Outlooks Fire Weather  
Enhanced Product Experimental RFW Bullet Format (local enhancement to national product) Fire Weather  
Experimental Gerling-Hanson Wind Wave Plots Marine Weather 
Experimental Tampa Bay Marine Channel Forecast Marine Weather 
Experimental Rip Current Risk Graphic Marine Weather 
Experimental Gridded Marine Offshore and High Seas Forecasts in the NDFD Marine Weather 
Proposed changes to the Surface Analyses and Forecast charts for OPC, TAFB, and WFO HNL Marine Weather 
Experimental Nearshore Wave Prediction System Model Output Marine Weather 
Experimental Revised Wave Terminology in the Coastal Waters Forecast Marine Weather 
Experimental Gulf Stream Forecast Marine Weather 
Experimental Impact-Based Marine Hazard Grids Marine Weather 
Experimental National Marine Weather Web Portal Marine Weather 
Experimental Rayleigh Distribution in the NWS Coastal Waters Forecast Product Marine Weather 
Experimental Graphical Wind Against Current Marine Weather 
Experimental Modernized Open Lakes Forecast for the Great Lakes Marine Weather 
Experimental Beach Forecast Web Page Marine Weather 
Experimental Guidance from the National Blend of Models Modeling  
Experimental PQR Model Spectrum Webpage Modeling  
Proposed Winter Weather Consolidation Public Weather  
Proposed Changes to the NWS Forecast Web Page Public Weather  
Experimental Severe Weather Impact Graphics Public Weather  
Experimental National Model Spread/Spectrum Webpage Public Weather  
Experimental Precipitation Potential Index (PPI) in the NDFD Public Weather  
Enhancement to the Operational Twitter SDD Public Weather  
Prototype Winter Storm Severity Index Public Weather  
Experimental Day 4-7 Winter Weather Outlook Public Weather  
Experimental Day 4-7 Winter Weather Outlook Product in the NDFD Public Weather  
Prototype NWS Use of Live-streaming Services Public Weather  
Experimental East Pacific Offshore Waters Forecasts Public Weather  
Experimental NDFD Full Resolution XML Web Service Public Weather  
Experimental Days 3-7 Winter Storm Threat Public Weather  
Experimental Situation Report Public Weather  
Experimental Mobile Decision Support Services(MDSS) Interactive NWS(iNWS) Warning Alert SMS Text and Email Messaging Services via Mobile Device Technologies Public Weather  
Experimental Enhanced Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook (EHWO) Public Weather  
Experimental 3km AR NDFD Grids Public Weather  
Experimental Lake Effect Snow Warning Polygons Public Weather  
Experimental Weather, Water, and Climate Information Podcasts Public Weather  
Experimental Enhanced Data Display Public Weather  
Experimental RIDGE2 Public Weather  
Experimental Service National Weather Service Provision of Supplemental Public Safety Information before, during and after High Impact Events Public Weather  
Experimental Maximum Wave Height in the Great Lakes Open Lake Forecast (GLF) Public Weather  
Enhanced Impact Based Decision Support Services Public Weather  
Experimental User Defined Area Forecast Web Application Public Weather  
Experimental Adaptable NWS Forecast/Warning/Observation Widget and Web Page Public Weather  
Prototype NWS on Instagram Public Weather  
Experimental Probabilistic Snowfall Internet Graphical Products Public Weather  
Experimental PEAC Quarterly Regional Summary Tropical Weather 
Experimental Arrival of Tropical Storm Force Winds Graphic Tropical Weather 
Experimental NHC Media Briefings : Videocasts Tropical Weather 
Experimental PEAC Monthly Climate Summary and Forecast for the Federated States of Micronesia Tropical Weather 
Experimental Pacific Offshore Waters Forecast Tropical Weather 
Prototype Texas Regional Rainfall Webpage Water Resources 
Experimental- Enhancement to the Legacy Alaska River Ice Breakup Map Water Resources 
Experimental Post Wildfire Debris Flow and Flash Flood Webpage Water Resources 
Experimental Water Information Interface Webpage Water Resources 
Experimental Probability of Exceedance Forecast for Precipitation and Snowfall Water Resources 
Proposed Water Services Products Consolidation and Reformatting Water Resources 
Experimental Long Range River Flood Risk Water Resources 
Experimental Short Range River Forecast Uncertainty (AHPS) Water Resources 
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