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Report - listing of Operational Products in database, sorted by product Originator.
Product Name Brief Description     Click Here for "Printable" version of this list. Originator
Precipitation Potential Index The Precipitation Potential Index will display graphically on the internet. The graphic is a means to show forecaster confidence as to the location of precipitation at each hour across the CWA. It is intended to supplement the 12 hour POP and weather grids. Alan Rezek 
WR Climate Web Page The WR Climate Web Page provides a single web based interface for the public to more easily access official climate forecasts, climate products and daily weather summaries currently issued as part of the routine suite of NWS services. Andrea Bair 
Ice Accumulation Grids Effective Wednesday, October 15, 2014, at 1400 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the NDFD Ice Accumulation forecast grids will be extended in time from 48 hours to 72 hours. Six-Hour Ice Accumulation grids: The expected new ice accretion on all exposed surfaces (in hundredths of inches) during a 6 hour period. Issuance: An ice accumulation grid will be specified whenever at least a trace of ice accumulation is forecast for any hour during a valid period. Valid periods for the NDFD begin and end at 0600, 1200, 1800, and 0000 UTC. Andrew Horvitz 
Enhancement to the National Snow Analysis: NOHRC Snow Model and Forecast Products Expansion The NOHRSC is expanding the spatial domain of its gridded snow model into Canada to include the Great Lakes drainage area. Additionally, the NOHRSC is executing the model in a 72-hour forecast mode. The Rapid Refresh (RR) model forces the first 18 forecast hours and the North American Mesoscale (NAM) model forces the remaining 54 forecast hours. Andrew Rost 
Western Region Headquarter Web Site/Page The Western Region (WR) Headquarter Web Site/Page provides access to a description of Western Region Headquarters (WRHQ) and resources, a summary of current watch/warnings in effect, and some visual pages that provide links to WR offices and other National Weather Service (NWS) sites. Andy Edman or Chelsea Leader 
Fire Weather Watch/Warning Display The Fire Weather "Red Flag" Watch/Warning Display provides an HTML visual display of all fire weather "Red Flag" watch/warnings that are currently in effect across the western U.S. Andy Edman or Chelsea Leader 
IFPS Digital Forecast Page The IFPS Digital Forecast Page provides an interface for the public to access weather information from the NWS gridded forecast (IFPS) database. The gridded forecast is maintained 24/7 by all 24 Western Region Forecast Offices as part of the national NWS IFPS program. Andy Edman/ Don Britton/Carl Gorski 
NDFD Full Resolution The resolution has been increased in the National Digital Forecast Database. The NDFD spatial resolution will be available in experimental status at 2.5km resolution for all forecast times. The NDFD temporal resolution will be available in experimental status at one hour resolution for the first 36 hours from NDFD issuance time. These are the finest spatial and temporal resolutions at which Weather Forecast Offices in the Conterminous United States /CONUS/ provide forecasts. Forecasts from NWS offices and centers employing coarser resolutions will be mapped onto the finer resolution NDFD grid This change will affect files which contain data for the entire CONUS, but will not include Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, or the 16 CONUS subsectors which will remain at their current operational resolutions Andy Horvitz 
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Map Viewer The National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) contains a seamless mosaic of digital weather forecasts from National Weather Service (NWS) field offices and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The new map viewer enables users to interactively zoom and roam experimental NDFD forecast grids displayed at full resolution. Andy Horvitz 
New Forecast at a Glance Point and Click Icons The new icons are intended to enhance communication of rapidly changing weather conditions, while also highlighting current weather hazards. Andy Horvitz 
Mountain Recreational Point Forecasts The Mountain Recreational Point Forecasts complements the official narrative text recreational forecasts that have long been issued by WFO Burlington, and in similar forms by other WFOs across the country. The web based display leverages the Google Maps interface to allow the user to readily access the specific mountain peak forecasts available. The WFO Burlington Mountain Recreational Forecast program serve a public safety purpose by providing weather forecasts for the highest elevations across the region, which are frequently impacted by severe and life-threatening weather that is not experienced at the lower elevations Andy Nash 
PHX Drought Data Page The PHX Drought Data Page was developed in response to a request from the Arizona Governors Drought Task Force. The product provides a single web based interface for users to more easily access precipitation data from the state for purposes of "decision making" as related to the ongoing drought in Arizona. Anton Haffer 

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