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Report - listing of Operational Products in database, sorted by product Originator.
Product Name Brief Description     Click Here for "Printable" version of this list. Originator
Hydrologic Short-Term Meteorological Model-based Ensemble Forecasting System (MMEFS) The National Weather Service (NWS) Meteorological Model Ensemble River Forecasts web pages, graphics and text products are being produced by Eastern Region River Forecast Centers (RFCs) and the Southeast RFC to provide useful hydrologic information to users. The objective of this information is to provide short lead-time (<7 days) ensemble river forecasts using forcing fields provided by various meteorological ensemble systems.The purpose of the ensemble river forecasts is to provide users with a short-term (<7 days) situational awareness by providing the probabilistic exceedence information relative to NWS flood categories and providing the ensemble river forecasts that in turn show a range of outcomes. These web pages complement information contained in the current short-term deterministic hydrologic forecasts and internal NWS WFO-requested subjective contingency forecasts. This service will support the NOAA mission goals of serving societyís need for weather and water information and supporting the nationís commerce, economy, and planning for the protection of life and property. Laurie Hogan 
Web-Enabled International Flight Folder Documentation Program (WebIFFDP) Website distribution/access to International Flight Folders currently available through facsimile-based system. This is a website maintained by AWC with global aviation weather information. It is intended for use by airline operators for international flights originating or ending in the United States. As a contracting state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United States is obligated to provide flight documentation services to the international aviation community. On October 1, 1998, in accordance with Chapter nine of Annex 3 to the Convention on Civil Aviation, the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) began providing the required meteorological information to Airline operators and flight crew members for the purposes of dispatch planning, pre-flight briefing, and en-route guidance. The information for the International Flight Folder Documentation Program (IFFDP) is currently transferred via a facsimile service. Web-enabled International Flight Folder Documentation Program (WebIFFDP), is a replacement of the current facsimile-based International Flight Folder Documentation Program (IFFDP). WebIFFDP is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. M. Pat Murphy  
Aviation Winter Weather Dashboard The Aviation Winter Weather Dashboard depicts the potential winter weather impact to the Core 30 (minus Honolulu) airports. Updated four times per day, the web display shows the potential impact to each airport through a matrix of color coded boxes that depict nominal (green), slight (yellow), moderate (orange), and high (red) impact through eighty-seven forecast hours. The impact information is calculated using the Short-Range Ensemble Forecast (SREF) numerical weather prediction system M. Pat Murphy 
Graphical Short Term Forecast Product GraphiCast The Graphical Short Term Forecast Product (GraphiCast) is a graphical representation of the short term weather forecast (0 to 6 hours) in the forecast area of responsibility of individual NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO). It depicts current radar, satellite, or observation imagery with graphical and text annotations showing forecast weather conditions in the next several hours. In rapidly developing situations, it is updated at least hourly. Mac Mclaughlin 
Graphical Turbulence Guidance The Graphical Turbulence Guidance (GTG) is an automatically generated turbulence product that predicts the location and intensity of turbulence over the continental United States (CONUS). Marc J. Singer 
One-Month Climate Outlook (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska). The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues a probabilistic one-month temperature and precipitation outlook. (Revised - Version 3) Marina Timofeyeva 
One-Month Outlook Discussion (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska). A technical discussion of the meteorological and climatological basis for the one-month outlooks. (Revised - Version 3) Marina Timofeyeva 
Three-Month Climate Outlooks (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska). The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues a series of thirteen probabilistic three-month temperature and precipitation outlooks. Marina Timofeyeva 
Three-Month Outlooks Discussion (Contiguous U.S. and Alaska). The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) provides a technical discussion of the meteorological and climatological basis for the outlooks. Marina Timofeyeva 
Three-month Probability of Exceedence Outlooks The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues a series of thirteen three-month probability of exceedence outlooks for temperature, precipitation, and heating and cooling degree days for the conterminous U.S. Marina Timofeyeva 
6- to 10-Day and 8- to 14-Day Mean North American 500 millibar Outlook The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues these outlooks to provide insight into the 6- to 10-day and 8- to 14-day temperature and precipitation outlooks by indicating mean circulation patterns. Marina Timofeyeva 
Atlantic Hurricane Outlook The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues the Hurricane Outlook for the Atlantic basin. No outlook, however, can give certainty as to whether or not a particular locality will be impacted by a tropical storm or hurricane in any given year. Marina Timofeyeva 

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