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Report - listing of Operational Products in database, sorted by Newest First.
Product Name Brief Description Operational Date
TAFB Marine Weather Discussion (MIM) Plain language free text discussion of computer model trends which focuses on expected wind and sea conditions. The product is used as a coordination vehicle among the national centers and coastal Weather Forecast Offices. 2003-06-11 
Western Region Headquarter Web Site/Page The Western Region (WR) Headquarter Web Site/Page provides access to a description of Western Region Headquarters (WRHQ) and resources, a summary of current watch/warnings in effect, and some visual pages that provide links to WR offices and other National Weather Service (NWS) sites. 2003-06-11 
Satellite Interpretation Message SIM is an alphanumeric product providing an interpretation of synoptic weather features, significant weather areas, and various cloud and weather phenomena based upon satellite imagery (visual, infrared, water vapor, etc.). National Weather Service's Pacific Region's Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Honolulu prepares the SIM for a portion of their area of responsibility (AOR). The AORs for WFOs Honolulu vary and depend upon the program (tropical cyclone, aviation, marine, public, and satellite). 2003-06-11 
Coastal/Lakeshore Flood Statement/Watch/Warning The suite of products provides the public with statements, watches, and warnings of significant coastal/lakeshore flooding events. 2003-06-11 
Post Tropical Cyclone Report (PSH) The PSH is an alphanumeric product summarizing the meteorological parameters observed within a Weather Forecast Offices County Warning Area after a tropical cyclone event. 2003-06-11 
Tropical Cyclone Public Advisories (TCP) This is a 2015 update to the existing to operational product. PPD updated to change issuance times. 2003-06-11 
Tropical Cyclone Track and Watch/Warning Graphic UPDATES INCLUDE: Addition of CPHC as an issuing office Addition of Potential Tropical Cyclone and Post-Tropical Cyclone system types that necessitate issuance of the graphics This product is a graphical representation of text messages issued by NHC. It provides critical information on the forecast path of the tropical cyclone, forecast track uncertainty, and watches and warnings issued by NHC.The Tropical Cyclone Track and Watch/Warning Graphics are prepared by the National Weather Service (NWS) National Hurricane Center (NHC) and Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin and eastern and central North Pacific basins. The graphics contain forecast track, an error cone along the track as well as coastal tropical storm and hurricane watches/warnings. To form the error cone, a set of imaginary circles are placed along the forecast track at the 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, and 120 h positions, where the size of each circle is set so that it encloses 67% of the previous five years official forecast errors. The cone is then formed by smoothly connecting the area swept out by the set of circles. Both 3-day and 5-day versions of this product are created as well as that add the initial wind field to the other elements in the graphics. This product is also issued for all systems that NHC or CPHC are writing advisories, including subtropical storms, potential tropical cyclone, tropical cyclones, and post-tropical cyclones. 2003-06-11 
Tropical Weather Discussion (TWD) The TWD is an alphanumeric product providing information on current atmospheric conditions at the surface and aloft such as tropical cyclones, mesoscale and synoptic scale features, and areas of shallow and deep convection. This product is prepared over the tropical and subtropical Atlantic and Pacific ocean areas by the Tropical Prediction Center and the Honolulu Weather Forecast Office. 2003-06-11 
Aviation Tropical Cyclone Advisory (TCA) The TCA is an alphanumeric text product produced by hurricane forecasters consisting of information extracted from the official National Hurricane Center forecasts. The TCA is intended to provide short-term tropical cyclone forecast guidance for international aviation purposes. 2003-06-11 
Tropical Cyclone Report (TCR) The Tropical Cyclone Report (TCR) is a post-event overview of a tropical cyclone comprised of a narrative describing the overall storm and a detailed listing of 6-hourly location and intensity data in both text and graphic format. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) prepare TCRs within 90 days of any tropical cyclone that occurs within their respective Area of Responsibility (AOR). NHC issues TCRs for tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic and eastern north Pacific (north of the equator and east of 140 degrees west longitude) basins. CPHC issues TCRs for tropical cyclone activity in the central North Pacific (north of the equator between 140W and 180 degrees west longitude) basin. 2003-06-11 
Surface Temperature Analysis and Anomaly The Sea Surface Temperature Analysis (SST) and Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies (SSTA)are graphical products depicting sea surface water temperatures and departure from normal. WFO Honolulu produces the SST for the North Pacific (area bounded by equator to 55N and 110W to 160E) and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) produces the SST for both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific(area bounded by 10S to 50N and 0 to 180 longitude) and the SSTA product for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific (area bounded by 10S to 50N and 0 W to 180 W longitude). 2003-05-08 
Open Lakes Forecast An alphanumeric product prepared by NWS Offices with Marine responsibility over the Great Lakes. This is a routinely issued product that describes forecast conditions and event-driven marine hazards expected over the five day forecast period. A coded fo 2003-05-08 

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