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Report - listing of Operational Products in database, sorted by Newest First.
Product Name Brief Description Operational Date
Special Marine Warning An alphanumeric product issued from all WFOs with Marine responsibility. The product is issued to provide notification of short duration marine hazards such as waterspouts, thunderstorms, or hail. 2003-05-08 
Surf Zone Forecast An alphanumeric product issued from selected WFOs with coastal waters marine responsibility.  The product provides information on surf, water, any potential marine hazards such as rip currents, and the general weather conditions within the surf zone. 2003-05-08 
Tropical Streamline Surface Analysis A graphic product issued from the WFO Honolulu, HI, that provides information on significant surface features over the Pacific Ocean Basin such as location of high and low pressure systems, areas of gale strength winds, and the Inter-tropical Convergence 2003-05-08 
Great Lakes Ice Outlook Issued during winter. Provides guidance on expected ice growth and decay on the Great Lakes. 2003-05-08 
Flash Flood Potential Rating The Flash Flood Potential Rating (FFPR) is both a text and graphical product produced by forecasters at the WFO SLC using GFE/IFPS. Ratings of flash flood potential (numbers 1 through 6) for the next two days (today and tomorrow or tomorrow and the next 2003-05-08 
Tropical Cyclone Advisory Message The Tropical Cyclone Advisory message (TCA) is an abbreviated alphanumeric text product which the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) issue. 2003-04-25 
Volcanic Ash Advisory The Volcanic Ash Advisory (VAA) is an alphanumeric product providing observational information on volcanic eruptions, and observational and forecast information on the vertical and horizontal extent of airborne volcanic ash. 2003-04-25 
National Convective Weather Forecast The National Convective Weather Forecast (NCWF) is an automatically generated convective product that provides current convective hazards and 1 hour extrapolation forecasts of thunderstorm hazard locations. 2003-04-25 
Route Forecast The Route Forecast (ROFOR) is an alphanumeric product providing a coded route forecast for regularly scheduled flights or upon request for flights that either begin or end in or that have most of the flight path within the National Weather Service's Pac 2003-04-25 
Alaska Low Level Significant Weather Graphic (SWL) The Alaska Low Level Significant Weather Graphic (SWL) is a graphic product providing an outlook forecast of significant weather for aviation below 25,000 ft (FL250). 2003-04-25 
Alaska Graphic Area Forecast The Alaska Graphic Area Forecast (GFA) is a graphical representation of forecasts contained in the text Area Forecasts (FA) for Alaska. The GFA is comprised of four separate graphics produced using NMAP software at the Alaska Aviation Weather Unit (AAWU). 2003-04-25 
Aviation Area Forecast (FA) Aviation Area Forecasts (FAs) describe in abbreviated language the development and occurrence or expected occurrence in time and space of specified en-route weather phenomena below Flight Level (FL) 45,000 ft (450). The FA is a forecast of visual meteorological conditions(VMC), clouds, and general weather conditions over an area the size of several states. In Alaska, the FA also includes forecasts of Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) conditions as well as other AIRMET and SIGMET information on thunderstorms, wind, icing and turbulence. Over CONUS and Hawaii, the FA must be used in conjunction with the in-flight aviation weather advisories to understand the complete weather picture. Together, they are used to determine forecast en-route weather and to interpolate conditions at airports for which no Terminal Area Forecasts (TAFs) are issued. 2003-04-25 

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