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Product Name Brief Description Operational Date
Southern Region TRACON APPROACH and DEPARTURE GATE FORECAST PRODUCT The Southern Region Tracon Approach and Departure Gate Forecast will complement the Collaborative Convection Forecast Product (CCFP) by providing greater detail of convective occurrence and coverage of significant reflectivities and echo tops as determined collaboratively between the CWSU MIC, the Air Route Traffic Control Center’s (ARTCC) Traffic Management Unit (TMU) and the impacted Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON). Variations in the presentation and depiction are authorized based on the needs and requirements of the specific ARTCC TMU and TRACON 2010-06-15 
Tropical Cyclone Surface Wind Speed Probabilities (TCSWSP) for the North Pacific Ocean in the NDFD This update makes the TCSWSP in the NDFD for the North Pacific Ocean operational for the 2010 hurricane season. The TCSWSP elements depict probabilities, in percent, of sustained surface wind speeds. These probabilities are provided for wind speed thresholds equal to or exceeding 34-, 50-, and 64-knots. These wind speed probabilities are based on the track, intensity, and storm structure (size in terms of wind radii) uncertainties in the official tropical cyclone forecasts. TCSWSP elements covering the North Pacific Ocean are available in NDFD in experimental status. Similar elements for the continental U.S. are available in NDFD in operational status. 2010-05-13 
Instant Messaging for NWS and Partners :NWSChat Instant Messaging (IM) is a real-time, Internet-based method of electronic communication between two or more parties. IM may also be referred to as "chat". Utilizing a software application known as a "chat client", multiple users can compose and send messages to each other in forums known as "chat rooms." In addition to manually composed mesages, chat sessions may contain various automated software-generated messages that convey information about disseminated National Weather Service (NWS) products. NWSChat is the name for the system providing IM capability to the NWS. NWSChat consists of hardware and software maintained by NWS and client software that can be accessed via a web browser or downloaded on the users computer. 2010-03-30 
Graphical Airman 's Meteorological Advisory (G-AIRMET) The graphical Airman’s Meteorological Advisory (G-AIRMET) is a BUFR-formatted time-series depiction of aviation hazards occurring with occasional or greater frequency throughout the conterminous U.S. and adjacent coastal waters (NWS, 2005a). G-AIRMET is available to users via the Internet web site. This product provides a graphical depiction of the standard AIRMET text product from AWC, and covers the CONUS only 2010-03-16 
Multi-Format Marine Forecast Information Web Page for Coastal WFOs Advances in computer capabilities and web services technologies, as well as scientific advances in National Weather Service (NWS) software, have afforded an opportunity for NWS to create customer-based marine products and services. Information dissemination via the World Wide Web (WWW) allows customers to obtain higher resolution marine forecast information in a variety of formats on demand. This version of an interactive marine forecast information web page is being made available to (1) allow users to access marine forecast information that is always current with higher resolution than is possible in traditional text marine forecast products which are averaged over time and space; (2) allow marine customers to view marine forecast information retrieved directly from locally prepared, gridded forecast database in a variety of formats, including icons, text, tabular, and graphic; and (3) receive feedback from users regarding potential refinements to interactive information retrieval and display 2010-03-08 
Modeled Soil Saturation Index In meeting its hydrologic forecast responsibilities, the National Weather Service (NWS) Missouri Basin River Forecast Center (MBRFC) simulates soil moisture across the Missouri River basin in real-time. The Modeled Saturation Index (MSI) quantifies the relative degree of tension water saturation present within the soil column, and is calculated on a sub-basin level. The primary product is a graphical display of the MSI across the Missouri River basin. Soil moisture directly impacts runoff potential, water resource management, debris flow formation, and agricultural productivity. A correlation exists between soil moisture and lower level atmospheric conditions. However, observed real-time soil moisture data is sparse and difficult to spatially interpolate. The production of the MSI graphic will enable the user to visualize the real-time relative degree of tension water saturation present geographically across the Missouri River basin 2010-01-15 
Western Region Graphical Weather Story of the Day The Graphical “Weather Story of the Day” is a graphical representation (product) which depicts the most important weather feature in the forecast area of responsibility of individual NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) in Western Region. The “Weather Story of the Day” is not time dependent. That is, the product depicts the most significant weather feature through the 7-day forecast period. A graphical user interface allows the forecaster to include a brief text, a few sentences in length, describing the “Weather Story of the Day” graphical product. If necessary the product may include a series of images to more clearly communicate complex weather situations. 2010-01-13 
Enhanced Product National Implementation of the use of 1 inch Diameter Hail Criteria The Severe Thunderstorm Warning (SVR) is an alphanumeric product providing short-fused warning in¬formation on hazardous conditions associated with thunderstorms which are expected to pose a threat to life and/or real property. This product is prepared by each National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Forecast Office (WFO) for their County Warning Area (CWA) of responsibility. In the Western Region (WR) and Central Region (CR) a Severe Thunderstorm Warning is currently being issued experimentally based on expectation of winds gusting to 58 mph or greater and/or hail of one (1) inch diameter or greater. Pending successful completion of this experiment, all NWS sites will issue Severe Thunderstorm Warnings based on these criteria. 2010-01-08 
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Day 4 to 8 Convective Outlook Elements The NWS provides access to operational and experimental gridded forecasts of weather elements (e.g., maximum temperature, sky cover) through the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD). The NDFD contains a seamless mosaic of digital forecasts from NWS field offices and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). NCEP's Storm Prediction Center (SPC) operationally produces detailed outlooks and probability products for severe convective weather for Days 1, 2, and 3, and a more general Day 4 to 8 convective outlook (available as text and graphic products at This element is a forecast for organized severe thunderstorms over the contiguous United States. A severe weather area depicted in the day 4 to 8 period indicates a 30% or higher probability for severe thunderstorms within 25 miles of any point 2009-12-01 
D Region Absorption Prediction, Release 2 The D-Region Absorption Prediction, Release 2 (D-RAP2) product provides a suite of graphic and text information about the global High Frequency (HF) radio propagation conditions related to the state of the ionosphere’s D-region. D-RAP2 will be web based ( and is an enhancement of the current D Region Absorption Prediction product ( D-RAP2 fills a void that exists in the current product by providing absorption information due to energetic proton precipitation at high latitudes. The web site provides: o A main page containing a global map of the highest HF frequencies affected by a 1dB attenuation, estimated recovery times, and links to subordinate pages. o Subordinate pages containing: north and south polar maps of the highest frequencies affected by a 10dB attenuation, and ASCII tabular values of total absorption at 10 MHz. o DRAP2 is updated every minute SWPC data and products are designed to provide accurate and real-time space weather information for the safety and benefit of our customers 2009-11-20 
Western Region Standardized Fire Weather Web Pages The need for improved fire weather information via the internet by land management and fire suppression agencies in Western Region (WR) is continually increasing. Multiple fire weather user agencies have requested a consistent WFO fire weather web page layout and more interactive graphical web pages to provide critical fire weather information. To account for these requests, WR tested consistent, interactive, fire weather web pages at every WR WFO from August 1, 2008 to June 1, 2009. Customer comment via a standard web survey,e-mail and face-to-face fire weather meetings was overwhelmingly positive. The pages became operational on November 2, 2009. 2009-11-02 
Central Region Multimedia Weather Briefing The Multimedia Weather Briefing (MWB) is an Internet-accessible multimedia file that provides information concerning hazardous weather events within the service area of a Central Region office. The MWB offers a combined visual/auditory platform for supporting the planning activities of emergency response partners and other key customers, as well as the general public by conveying forecaster reasoning and confidence concerning impending hazardous weather events, upcoming or current drought conditions, climate and hydrologic outlooks, etc. These briefings also serve as a means of communicating probabilities and other uncertainty information which can be used in risk reduction assessments which may impact preparations or actions made by our partners and customers 2009-10-01 

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