Help information page -- REPORTS

The Reports Menu lists the type of reports, which are accessed by clicking on the report type / description. There are two groups of reports -- those for Operational products, and "Other", which includes Experimental products and feedback on products.

Each time a report is requested, the system queries the database and provides the latest information available. All reports are formatted for on-screen viewing. By default, the results are sorted in alphabetical order. Links are provided so you may go to an individual product and see details for that product.

Reports which span more than one page provide the information one-page at a time, with options to go to the next/previous page or any specific page number.

Some Reports have a “Printable” version option.  Selecting that option provides a text report formatted for standard printer output. If this option is selected, use your browser's Print button or menu option to send the output to the printer. You must also use the Back button on the browser to return, as no menu options are added to the "print" version of the report.


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