Help information page -- SEARCH

You may search the database for products in the database. The search function will list all products matching the search criteria for both Official and Experimental products.

Searches may be made based on any of the following criteria:
        Product Name,
        Description field,
        Originator, or
        Parameters (sensible weather parameter). 

The criteria selection is made with a drop-down list under the “Search Field” label.

The search routine automatically uses (assumes) wildcards, and search text is NOT case sensitive. So for example, to search for products which contain the word “humid" in the product description, select “Description” from the drop-down list, then type in the word humid in the input field, then click on the “Begin Search” button. Once the search is complete, a new “report” page with all of the results is displayed. Note: Since wild cards are assumed, the example using the word humid
would return all products with words such as humid, Humidity, humidifier, etc.

The results list Official products first, then Experimental products (if a match is found). The  Official products are indicated with a check mark.

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