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Listing of DELETED Experimental Products
DELETED Product Name Brief Description Submitter Status
Proposed changes to the Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook Enhancements to the operational Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook Wayne Presnell Approved for Operational
Proposed Changes to the Hurricane/Typhoon Local Statement at WFO HNL The following changes to the operational Hurricane/Typhoon Local Statement (HLS) were implemented for the 2015 hurricane season (for the Atlantic Hurricane basin only): 1) HLS is a non-segmented product - No Universal Geographical Code (UGC). 2) HLS contains no Valid Time Event Codes (VTEC). 3) HLS covers land areas only. For the 2017 Hurricane Season, Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Honolulu plans to begin issuing the HLS in the same format used by the WFOs covering the Atlantic Hurricane Basin. There will be no changes for Western Region or for the other WFOs in the Pacific Region. Jessica Schauer Approved for Operational
Proposed Changes to the National Tropical Cyclone Watch and warning (TCV) products for the Atlantic Basin for 2017 Effective on or around June 1, 2017, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) will expand the tropical cyclone watch and warning information available in its National Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning (TCVAT#) products issued for Atlantic tropical cyclones. In past hurricane seasons, the National TCV products for the Atlantic basin contained only the tropical cyclone wind watches and warnings along coastal segments issued by NHC. Beginning in the 2017 hurricane season, the national TCV products from NHC for the Atlantic basin will include all NWS-issued zone-based tropical cyclone wind and storm surge watches and warnings from both NHC and local Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) and will no longer contain breakpoint information. Wayne Presnell Approved for Operational
Proposed Changes to Tropical Cyclone Forecast Graphics and GIS Files Effective on or about May 15, 2017, the appearance of the graphics accompanying tropical cyclone advisory packages issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) will change. These changes are required for the NHC and CPHC to begin issuing forecasts and watches/warnings for potential tropical cyclones.three new Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files will be available and the wind speed probability Geographic Information System (GIS) files will be available at higher resolution. Wayne Presnell Approved for Operational
Proposed Expansion of PR Marine Forecast Matrix to National Scope The National Weather Service (NWS) Marine Forecast Matrix (MFM) provides a tabular forecast of wind direction and speed, swell direction and height, wind wave height, significant wave height, cloud cover, probability of precipitation, and areal precipitation coverage. Melinda Bailey Approved to Discontinue
Prototype Storm Surge Watch Warning Graphic The prototype storm surge watch/warning graphic highlights areas along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts that have a significant risk of life-threatening storm surge inundation from a tropical cyclone, displaying areas that would qualify for inclusion under a storm surge watch or warning under development by the National Weather Service. The graphic represents the first step of a phased implementation toward an NWS storm surge watch/warning, but for 2015 does not represent an official NWS watch/warning. The NWS plans to debut an experimental storm surge watch/warning in 2016. After incorporating both user and partner input, the NWS expects to make the storm surge watch/warning fully operational in 2017 John F. Kuhn Approved for Operational
Sorm Surge Watches and Warnings The National Weather Service (NWS) is implementing new storm surge watches and warnings in association with Atlantic tropical cyclones affecting the continental U.S. beginning with the 2017 hurricane season. These additions to the NWS product suite will require changes to Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning (TCV) and Hurricane Local Statement (HLS) products. All TCV products issued by the NWS during the 2017 season for tropical cyclones originating in the Atlantic basin affecting the continental U.S. would include Valid Time Event Code (VTEC) for storm surge watches and/or warnings when conditions warrant. In addition, the NWS is proposing to expand the VTEC available in TCV products issued by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for Atlantic tropical cyclones affecting the continental U.S. to include all NWS-issued VTEC both along the coast and inland Because of the increased information included, it is possible that the NHC TCV product may not be sent until as much as 45 minutes after the NHC advisory package in some circumstances. No changes are expected for the release times of the TCV and HLS products issued by local Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs).Changes to the HLS products issued by WFOs would be limited to the “NEW INFORMATION” section of the product. The subsections for “CHANGES TO THE WATCHES AND WARNINGS” and “CURRENT WATCHES AND WARNINGS” would include storm surge watch warnings. Applicable changes will be made to the suite of tropicl cyclone products (text and graphics) to accomodate this implementation. Jessica Schauer Approved for Operational

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