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Top Menu Bar
The Top Menu Bar is used to obtain information, documents, and to search for products.
Click on any menu item below to learn more about it.
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List (item display) Selection
The Home page provides buttons used to select which catalog items to display. Clicking on one of the buttons takes you to the products display page, which lists the products for the selected cateqory - with links for accessing details about the product and the product (or service) description document.
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List (item display) Page
The products display page (see image below) is shown whenever any of the "List" buttons above are clicked. The page provides a list of the items available and includes clickable links to the detailed description page and the Product (or Service) description document for the selected item.

The list is provided in tabular form. Menu buttons are provided on top of the table which allow you to select the type or category to view.

Two other 'tools' are provided along right side the menu buttons: A Search field and a "Column Select" button.
To search for a product based on the Title, simply enter the desired word(s) in the search field. You may select any category to limit the search. For example, after entering Climate in the search field, clicking on Experimental will list only experimental products containing the word climate in the title.   Note: Clear any text in the search filed to stop search.
The Column Select button Show Columns Button is used to select additional columns in the display. It provides a list of the available columns which you may select / de-select for display.

To see more details about an item, click on the Title of the item. To download the item's Product Description Document, click on the document name for the item in the rightmost column.
Image of top toolbar